Our Story

Welcome to Flowery Whiff

Our studio usually smells lovely and flowery when we're at work. That's because whether we're making lip balms - perfumes - deodorants or serums we try to use the most natural ingredients we can find. We are always on the look out for the most environmentally friendly and cruelty free sources for for our products and make sure we are up to date with the best natural and organic ingredients available.
  The same philosophy applies to our packaging and we try to keep up to date on the latest environmentally friendly ways to get your Flowery Whiff products to you.
We use a combination of recyclable tins, lip tubes and biodegradable cardboard jars and pots. Recently we have just switched our bubble wrap mailers to 100% recyclable card envelopes.
But with a name like Flowery Whiff we don't take ourselves too seriously. And with products like Ditch The Itch and The Angry Spot Balm along with our Mojitos and Whisky & Ginger or Spiced Apple and Cinnamon lip balms that come out at Christmas, we're sure you'll find something you love as well as products that make you smile.
If you like what we make or have an idea of something you'd like to see - please get in touch and we'll see what we can do, we're always up for experimenting with new ideas and ingredients. Hope to hear from you!