Five flavours of Sustainable Lip Care

Five great flavours to choose from in our brand new eco-friendly lip care range

Take a look

We're so excited about these new paper tubes. We think this is the way all lip balm tubes will look in the future as we stop using plastic in our skincare packaging. We've also added the best environmentally friendly oils and butters to make these balms such a great choice for your lips.

Why not try out one of our award winners?

Peta Certified & Free From Skincare Awards

Flowery Whiff has been certified by Peta with meaning we guarantee our products are cruelty free and made from plant based ingredients.

In 2021 our Peppermint and Lemongrass Deodorant got through to the finals for best deodorant and our Peppermint Lip Balm was awarded the bronze prize for best lip balm. We were so pleased to get this far on our first year of entry against some great competition. In 2023 we were awarded a Bronze prize for the Brightening & Renewal Lip Treatment and a Silver award for our Rose Frankincense & Myrrh Vegan Deodorant.

About Us

Welcome to Flowery Whiff. We love to make products that are good for you and also cause no harm to the environment. We make lip balms - perfumes - salves - deodorants and serums. All our products are made using natural and simple ingredients, unrefined and organic where available.

We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible with our packaging, using mainly recyclable tins, glass jars and compostable papercard pots.

But with a name like Flowery Whiff we don't take ourselves too seriously. With products like Ditch The Itch and The Angry Spot Balm along with
Mojito and Pale Ale lip balms we're sure you'll find something that will make you feel happy whilst being kind and gentle to your skin.

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