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About Us

Welcome to Flowery Whiff. We love to make products that are good for you and also cause no harm to the environment.

We make lip balms - perfumes - salves - deodorants and serums.

All our products are made using natural and simple ingredients, unrefined and organic where available. We are also aiming to offer a vegan option on all our products soon.

We are always on the lookout for environmentally friendly packaging too, using a combination of recyclable tins, tubes and papercard jars and pots that are compostable.

But with a name like Flowery Whiff we don't take ourselves too seriously. With products like Ditch The Itch and The Angry Spot Balm along with Mojitos and Whisky & Ginger lip balms we're sure you'll find something that makes you smile whilst being kind and gentle to your skin.