The most eco-friendly  lip care on the market

The most eco-friendly lip care on the market

We're always searching for better and more environmentally friendly packaging and we think we've finally found what we've been searching for.
A few years ago we ditched the single use plastic tubes and started putting our small lip balms into tins. While tins are great for keeping your balm fresh and can be recycled we found that some people prefer to apply balm directly to lips. You can do this with tins but its not really as handy as a good old tube. So when we spotted these we were very excited. Heres what's great about the new Flowery Whiff lip balms.


Flowery Whiff Eco friendly lip balm peppermint



They have all the convenience of the wind-up tubes but none of the plastic. The company who supply us with these tubes have developed a new way to package lip balms which will have a much better ecological impact. They don't contain PVA plastic adhesive which makes them non-toxic and fully home-compostable. Tests have shown they can be fully home composted within 14 days. As people dispose of their packaging in many ways, the composition of these tubes means that however the packaging is disposed of, it’ll have no lasting or negative impact on the environment. Home compostable is much simpler than industrial composting as it breaks down quickly and requires absolutely no energy consumption to do so. Home compostable packaging can also be put into general waste and it will still break down within a 90 day time frame. The tubes are made with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper and approved water based inks.


Flowery Whiff eco-friendly lip tubes vanilla

As the tubes are so much better for the environment than any other lip care containers we took a look at some of our ingredients to see if we could continue making our lip care the best possible product for keeping your lips moisturised and soft without being a burden on the environment.
As we are based in North Yorkshire we looked at if there were ingredients we could use from closer to home than ones that need to be flown around the world to us. We found there are some fantastic skincare oils that are grown here in the north of England.
We now use cold pressed organic Flaxseed Oil - one of the best oils for treating chapped lips as it has incredible anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm irritated and dry skin and form a protective layer that will lock in moisture.
Rapeseed Oil - an excellent source of Vitamin E which is a strong antioxidant that supports skin health and protects against free radicals in the environment which can cause skin damage. It contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids – these are essential fatty acids, vital for healthy cell functioning. Our bodies don’t naturally produce them which is why we have to find ways to add them to our bodies through diet and skincare.
Camelina Oil - which has high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids and is used in skincare for its hydrating and moisturizing qualities. It penetrates the skin easily and is absorbed quickly. It’s a great emollient, which means it reduces evaporation to ensure the skin keeps its water content, so your lips will feel soft and supple. It will also a slight glossy sheen as it forms a protective layer.


Flowery Whiff eco friendly lip tubes Lemon & Lime



Our balms have a natural smell and taste which is a blend of the cocoa, mango and the cold pressed oils along side the essential oil flavours of Peppermint, Lemon & Lime and Orange. We also have our usual favourites Vanilla Ice Cream and Coffee Bean.
We still have other lip balms in small tins and we have the lip treatments in bigger solid tubes or even lip oils in small bottles. We offer plenty of choices for ways to look after your lips.

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