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Autumn Equinox Solid Vegan Perfume
Autumn Equinox Solid Vegan Perfume
Autumn Equinox Solid Vegan Perfume
Autumn Equinox Solid Vegan Perfume

Autumn Equinox Solid Vegan Perfume

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Inspired by misty days, falling leaves, Bonfire night and Halloween, this perfume was blended to capture the turning of the year as Autumn turns to Winter. 

DESCRIPTION  As the year ends sometimes its warm and mellow, sometimes it seems a harsh winter has arrived early. The crackling warmth of bonfires, the sweets givven out at Halloween and crunchy multicoloured leaves was uppermost in our minds when making Autumn Equinox. In fact we had so much inspiration for our Autumn Equinox perfume and the whole heady mix is here! 

Blackberries, Vanilla, Cardamom and Cinnamon are the tasty opening notes before a bouquet of Rose, Jasmine, Mimosa, Iris, Heliotrope, Magnolia and Lavender bloom. A heavy base of Patchouli, Sandlewood, Tonka Bean and Amber make this a rich and complex perfume that reflects a season full contradictions.

HOW TO USE  Rub in a dab of the cream anywhere that you want to smell nice! The perfume is blended in a solid base that is made from skin nourishing ingredients so its ideal for people who suffer from irritation when using alchohol based perfumes. But discontinue using if you find this also irritates your skin. 

GOOD TO KNOW  We try to source as many organic and fair trade ingredients as possible. These perfumes are made with 82% organic ingredients.

We are always searching for better, eco-friendly packaging. Our card pots are compostable and can be recycled. The card may darken with use as the product is oily but don't worry it doesn't damage the perfume or the pot.

Sometimes natural ingredients act differently to products that have added chemicals and preservatives. As this perfume has a soft base it may get soft in hot weather. Just pop it in a cool place for a while. Alternatively in cold weather the cocoa butter can form white streaks but this is perfectly natural.

INGREDIENTS  Grapeseed Oil* (Vitis Vinifera), Cocoa Butter* (Theobroma Cacao), Castor Oil* (Ricinus Communis), Sunflower Wax (Helianthus Annuus), Candelilla Wax, (Euphorbia Cerifera), Aroma.  *Organic. 
 WEIGHT  Each pot contains 15g / 0.52oz.