January 2022 A Five Minute Interview with Carolyn at Flowery Whiff

Flowery Whiff Interview


Tell us a little bit about where you live and whats the most exciting or interesting thing to do in your town.

Hello we're Flowery Whiff based at the fresh Scarborough seaside in North Yorkshire. As today is 26th December an exciting thing you can do in our town today is compete in a race around the harbour on a homemade raft made of bits of old wood and ropes, whilst other people pelt you with flour bombs and washing up liquid but all in a good cause! Great fun if you like being wet, freezing, sticky and floury!) The winners get a trophy and cheers from the crowds all sensibly dressed up in hats, coats, gloves and scarves.



Whats the weather like there today?  Which one of your products would be the best to use in this type of weather?  Is your local climate a big factor in the choice of products you make and sell?

Today there has been loads of rain, fog, drizzle and then later on we ended up with a lovely blue sky! It's very cold but no sign of snow yet. For some reason we don't get a lot of snow at the seaside. It's said that's because the salty air stops it snowing!? We have face oils and lip balms with specially selected oils and butters that are chosen for their ability to protect skin in all these weather conditions. One is called Four Seasons which we can get all in one day here in Scarborough.



Tell us about a famous person from where you live. Have you got a "must-have" product for them that they could use?

There has been a few famous actors from Scarborough but Arthur Brown from the 60's band The Crazy World of Arthur Brown is from just up the road in Whitby. (Definitely worth looking him up on Youtube if you've never heard of him!)  Famous for setting his headset on fire as part of the act (and sometimes setting his hair on fire too!) We have the perfect balm for him that takes care of minor burns or sore skin, Thieves Oil Balm.


What beauty product do you think is overrated or even a load of rubbish?

A lot of very expensive moisturisers seem overrated. I think if you can get a cheap simple moisturiser that suits you, without too many ingredients/additives then you can add oils and serums to it and change them around depending on what your skin needs at that particular time. I sometimes buy the Holland & Barrett moisturisers as they have good ingredients and simple formulas and they are good value for money (especially if you can get them in the buy one get one for a penny sales!) Dr Organic is one I often use.


What is your favourite ingredient?

There's loads of ingredients that we love. In fact we always try to put too many into our formulas but if I had to pick just one that would be cocoa butter. We can't get enough of it! It adds a nice texture to formulations and smells lovely. Its in a lot of our products!


The comedian Richard Herring said that if he had to pitch a product on Dragon's den it would be "hairgel that turns into shampoo in the shower" (although he wasn't sure what would happen if it rains!) Have you got a crazy/genius product for the Dragons? (it doesn't have to be something that will actually work!)
If we could invent a great beauty product to pitch to Dragon's Den it would have to be something that saves loads of time and effort as I'm a bit lazy with beauty regimes especially on an evening. The ultimate all in one product would be great. I find jojoba oil on its own can be used for many things as it helps heal spots, calm problem skin, cleanse, moisturise and can also be used on hair. Maybe this is it and just needs to re-labelled as a miracle cure!



Do you have a special passion - play an instrument - have a quirky hobby or have strong eco /political views and go campaigning or has your beauty business become all consuming!?

We get involved in local and national actions for environmental issues. The last few years has seen us campaigning against fracking in the UK as we believe it causes too much damage to the land and can be catastrophic to wild life and water supplies. Luckily fracking has been halted for the present in the UK after it was thought to have caused an earthquake near Blackpool!


Have you got a good joke?

I can't think of a good joke but as I belive in good sun protection and always use sun screen let this cartoon be a dire warning to everyone!!


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