Are Our Solid Deodorant Cardboard Tubes Tricky To Use?

Trying to make a natural solid deodorant that also comes in eco friendly packaging certainly hasn't been one of our easiest formulation challenges!
As more and more natural deodorants have arrived on the market I eagerly bought new ones in both jars and tubes to see what they were like. And I liked them so much more than the chemical packed/plastic tubes we've been used to over the years. They just felt lovely and I knew what all the ingredients were rather than being vaguely worried about parabens and aluminium. But two things niggled me.
Firstly the choice of scent.
Most seemed to be either Lavender or Tea Tree or a combination sometimes using another astringent type oil like Rosemary. As these are the type of essential oils that are best for combatting sweaty pits it made sense. But after a while I wanted something new. I would have liked a more floral or woody perfume or a citrussy fruity smell.
When we started making our own deodorants this wasn't a problem for us as there are so many different oils that smell gorgeous and are kind to skin and it just seemed natural to experiment with what works and also smells lovely.
But the second point was trickier.
Glass jars are great but I liked applying my deodorant by tube and thought that there must be a better way than applying it by hand. However the card tubes can sometimes be a little tricky to use. But even though we did a lot of searching, these appeared to be the only choice at present if you want a be kinder to the environment. So at Flowery Whiff went down the biodegradable card tube packaging. And now I love them and have a few tips to help you love them too.
Start by pushing the disc gently from the centre. Ease it up a bit at a time and hopefully it should then be ok.
If it feels too soft place in a cold place for a short while.
And if it feels too hard to use give it a moment on your skin where your body temperature will soften it so it spreads easily.
We have to admit they aren't as easy as the plastic wind up tubes but there are plenty more positives to natural deodorants which we hope will help you persevere and win you over.
Oils and butters that nourish the skin against aluminium/preservatives and chemicals.
Biodegradable tubes against several types of plastics that make it impossible to recycle.
And our flowery/fruity/woody essential oil blends against generic mass produced fragrances.
We'd love to know what you think. If you have any suggestions let us know!

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